SP8 Ball Basketball Training is a fundamentally unique and constantly evolving platform and training facility for the development of basketball skill and elite athletic performance unlike any other! Every skill needed to become an Elite Level Basketball Player can be addressed in individual or group training sessions from beginner to professional. 


We specialize in rapid basketball skill development and have a proven track record with all students who have committed to training. In just a short amount of time we can add or enhance the needed skills to advance a student’s current level of play! Most importantly we'll give you the knowledge of how to train on your own. Training outside of sessions is imperative for all athletes to become Masters of their Craft.


Parents and students alike are constantly surprised how quickly skills are learned, developed and improved! From grade school to professional students grow stronger and get better each session. Blending athletic sport performance training with basketball strengthens the mind and body as one. In our 1st year of business we've already assisted several student athletes in obtaining college basketball scholarships! 


Basketball IQ will increase as we teach what to look for in game situations on the court. Student’s skill sets are coded with the ability to react and respond correctly to game situations without overthinking at a moment’s notice!


This is what I call F.O.R.C.E.8 Training.



SP8 Ball Training feels experience is the best teacher so everyone's first session is on the house! Just give us a call to setup your session and we'll be on the court in no time.


I can't wait to start the journey toward your personal best together.



Train on one of the most advanced courts in Northern Virginia! We cut no corners when deciding to go with Snap Sports as the provider of our basketball flooring. The SP8 Ball Training Court has been outfitted with Snap Sports Shock Tower Technology. Shock Tower courts have individual shock absorbers throughout the court to ensure a consistent playing surface and excellent coefficient of friction to keep the surface in place. The patented “resilient shock” technology was designed with performance and safety in mind. The built-in shock deflection offers exceptional impact control and provides excellent rolling load support Vertimax Training (Jump, Speed & Quickness, Agility).


So not only is your training cutting edge but the court it's done on is too! Play longer! Patented ReactivePlay technology gives an added level of "cush" to reduce impact on joints and limbs, letting you play longer today and for years to come. 


Athlete’s bodies take a beating during practice and games so we wanted to provide a court that provided protection to those precious limbs during aggressive training! 



Enhance your performance across all sports training in The Red Zone! 


Vertimax Training (Jump, Speed & Quickness, Agility)

For athletes looking to increase jumping ability, speed, quickness and explosiveness look no further than the Vertimax training platform! Having the correct tool for the job solves half of the problem and the other half is knowing how to use the tool. Using Vertimax patented exercises combined with innovative sport specific movement exercises has assisted me in getting great gains out of athletes in a short period of time!


Speed Training

Add the needed strength to any sport at any age using a unique blend of body weight, resistance band and kettle bell strength training programs. These programs work from your "core" out to the rest of your body creating balanced total body strength that will take your performance to the next level!


What is F.O.R.C.E.8 Training?


Frequency. Optimized. Repetitive. Champion. Energy. 8


F.O.R.C.E.8 Training Uses the Neural Adaptation Effect which trains your neurons to fire correctly so that the body increases coordination & strength-producing calculated sports-specific movements led by the nervous system. Every sport has unique movement patterns and therefore requires a specialized way of training. No two athletes from different sports can be trained the same way.


All F.O.R.C.E.8 Systems will improve the body's Kinetic Linking, the ability to Transfer Energy from one segment to another releasing Elastic Energy. You will learn how to store and release elastic energy. Elasticity translates into power and is not a function of muscle size. Elasticity is a function of your ability to store and release energy in a highly coordinated effort within your muscles individually and between them collectively to produce efficient movement. Our goal is to build your body to produce Elastic Power more efficiently, while protecting it from short-term pain and long-term ailments.

Find out more about our solutions and specialized pricing. You can find the training program that’s just right for you!

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