Who is Andre?

I fell in love with basketball around the 6th grade. My mom, brother and I were living in Fort Washington, Maryland at the time. There was a neighborhood court that attracted all the local players and others from surrounding areas. I would spend hours on the court playing pick-up games against mostly older competition.

By 7th Grade we moved to Annandale, Virginia where I joined my first Organized Basketball Team with the Annandale Boys Club. I was completely HOOKED on basketball at that point and tried out for a Braddock Road Travel Team (BRYC) the following year.

I made the team and we went undefeated winning the 8th Grade State Championship in Roanoke! This team also featured future Duke Standout Nate James who is now an assistant coach with Duke University.

I played my freshman and sophomore High School seasons at Annandale High School before transferring to Lee High School in Springfield, Virginia. I had two great Varsity Seasons at Lee playing on a very competitive team!

I turned down the opportunity to play at several Division II & III Universities with plans of attending a Junior College to continue to chase a Division I Scholarship. 

But as we know THINGS CHANGE ;) I got married, had a beautiful daughter & son and entered the thriving Information Technology Business here in Northern Virginia.

I NEVER lost my LOVE FOR THE GAME, always playing pick-up games at parks and gyms and also taking part in highly competitive men's basketball leagues in the area. Looking back at it all I wouldn't change a thing because I LOVE MY LIFE and all the experiences and people that I've connected with over the years.



Looking back, these two things stand out the most. And in my opinion, probably the two things that stand out the most for anyone who hasn’t fulfilled their potential in any endeavor:

1.       I didn’t work hard enough

2.       I didn’t have trainer to push me to excel and measure\track my development 

Think about it, if you want to learn Martial Arts, you don’t just start kicking, punching and blocking do you? No, you sign up for a class with an instructor so you can learn the fundamentals and build your skills up from that foundation.

Now you can get a book, DVD or watch lessons on YouTube but those things are limited. These tools aren’t “LIVE”, they're “STATIC”…. They won’t hold you accountable, correct your form, watch your development or give you feedback. Nor will they give you encouragement when you hit a barrier. That’s what I’m here for!

Even if you’re already a talented and accomplished player in your own right, what are you doing to enhance your skills to become a better player and push your own limits?

By the way, all of the elite players from amateur to professional have trainers! Many young, talented grade school kids on up to elite professionals (and quite a few players), will have more than one trainer for variety and specification purposes. 


I could go on and on but I’ll leave you with this. Regardless of what you DO have “PASSION” for it, be constantly willing to “LEARN” more about it. And lastly “SHARE” what you’ve learned with others. I call this “PLS” and it’s the foundation not of only my training philosophy but my life. 

If you instill these three words into your life - “Passion, Learn and Share” not only will your game elevate but your entire being as well!

May your life and game continue to prosper, be well!!!!


I’ll see you on the court….SP8