What Others Say About SP8 BALL TRAINING

Andre Speight has been my basketball trainer for the last month and I can say my game has truly developed under his workout sessions. The drills that he has prepared for me have helped my entire game evolve in to a more complete player.


The drills also give you a full body workout and help a lot with your in game conditioning. He has helped get me in fantastic shape for the Professional Level. I have been able to display my skill, be in great shape at the Pro Combines, Tryouts and Workouts and receiving good feedback from The Scouts.


My ball handling was a big need for me to advance at the next level and he has helped me out tremendously, I have more confidence and ability to handle the ball with my off hand under intense pressure.


Tim Ellison - Professional Basketball Player

Mexican Pro League CIBACOPA - Tijuana Zonkeys: 2011 - 2012

American Basketball Association - San Diego Sol: 2010 - 2011

University of the District of Columbia: 2007 - 2010


Through out my basketball training experience I have learned a lot! Before I started training with Coach Andre I was an average player. I wanted to improve my shooting and as a short post player, I wanted to develop post moves to get shots off against taller opponents. After a couple of sessions I saw a big improvements in my game.


The SP8BALL Training Techniques Coach Andre uses are very challenging! They require you to really dig deep to complete them. And as soon as he see's your mastering a skill he finds a way to add to it to challenge you further. He's with you every step of the way to encourage you to maximize your potential!


I have no doubt that training with Coach Andre helped me make the Edison Girls Varsity Team as a Freshman and become a starter!


I know that by continuing to train I will reach my full potential in a couple of years....


Raven Moses

Junior - Varsity -Edison


If you're looking to take your game to another level, Andre Speight is your trainer! He has a great understanding of the game of basketball and will help you improve your handles, shooting, conditioning , leadership and confidence.


My son has been with SP8 Ball Training for almost a year, and with the help of Coach Andre, Jaylon has learned that with hard work and dedication, all goals are achievable! There is not a tournament or gym we go to that I don’t get asked two questions.  First, How old is he? And second, how did he get so good? I believe Jaylon is a testament to the methods used at SP8 Ball Training. He uses the tools Andre gives him, and puts them into practice and games. It’s hard to debate the value of something when you are able to measure the outcomes and results. 


The bottom line is this training provides results. With Andre’s help, Jaylon set goals for the year and he accomplished them. He has been recruited to several AAU teams to play above his age group, consistently hits double doubles in assists and points, and is fortunate enough to be the starting point guard for nationally ranked 3rd Grade Team Glory in Washington D.C. this season.  Coach Andre has elevated his game to the next level, and can do the same for you!



Proud and Grateful Parent of Jaylon Surell

Jaylon is a 9 yr old PG and has played AAU ball for the Alexandria Kings (5th Grade), Mt. Vernon (5th Grade), Lee Mount Vernon (5th Grade) and Team Glory (3rd Grade)

Coach Andre has been a true blessing to the advancement of my daughter and her basketball. He works with her several times a week and I have never seen the same workout. He pushes her where she needs to work harder. He finds her weaknesses and makes her work harder to improve them. I have witnessed Coach Andre working with several atheletes and his workouts are different because each athelete is different. I love how Coach Andre deals with each athlete and I also love how I see them develop into better and stronger players/atheletes/individuals. 


Coach Andre and his programs are awesome!



Patricia Davis mother of Dajah Davis

Senior - Varsity - Eleanor Roosevelt

My son has been training with "Dre" for the past year. Over the past year Brandon has improved statistically in every category.  His points, steals, rebounds, assist and free-throw percentage are all up and steady climbing. Most importantly his confidence level is at an all-time high. All I can do is smile at the growth and maturity SP8 BALL TRAINING has giving his game.

With a unique blend of ball handling, shooting, core strengthening and agility workouts all incorporated into basketball, you couldn't ask for anything more.  

Brandon will be playing with the Edison Eagles JV team as a freshman this year.

Thank you SP8!!!

Harry Hughes father of Brandon Hughes
Sophomore -Junior Varsity-Edison 

Are experience with Coach Andre has been phenomenal! My daughter entered competitive basketball late. She was not able to dribble or shoot beginning her 9th grade year but had so much Love and Passion for the game. She started training with Coach Andre 2-3 evenings a week the spring of 2012 and presently is playing on the Riverdale Baptist High School JV team. As an effective defensive player she started the season at the Power Forward and Center positions but has since moved to the Small Forward position due to her rapidly improving Offensive Skills! After another summer with Coach Andre she WILL be an AWESOME OVERALL PLAYER!


Casandra Thompson mother of Alicia Arnet

Senior - Varsity - Westlake High School

As a dad and amateur coach, I've been very impressed by Andre's training program. He works the players hard, but his positive approach and ability to relate to the individual makes the tough workouts fun. The emphasis on skill drills is excellent and the drills are like something you'd expect to see an NBA player doing. Ultimately though, everyoe is looking for results and Andre delivers. I could tell it was worth the sweat and hard work to see my daughters face when she made her high school varsity team as a freshman.


Thanks, Andre!


Chip Gately father of Mary Grace Gately

Junior - Varsity - St. Stephen's & St. Agnes


Training with Andre has helped me so much with my basketball skills. My game has greatly improved since I started going. I made Varsity Basketball as a Freshman because of his involvement in my training. Every time I go, it's a different workout, and it's always challenging. The people I train with push me to a higher level, as does Andre. I can't imagine where I would be without his help. 


Mary Grace Gately

Junior - Varsity - St. Stephen's & St. Agnes