F.O.R.C.E.8 Basketball Training:

Developing and Refining Foundation Fundamentals with Cutting Edge Techniques & Technology to develop a players Overall Skill and Basketball IQ at their Highest Levels.


This program has been created for the player who wants to train at a high level. The young athletes in this program will be pushed to reach their maximum level of play.


SP8 Ball Training sessions will get you warmed up properly concentrating on Form and Technique in the areas of Dribbling, Shooting, Passing, Footwork and Agility before moving to game situational simulations run at high intensity! Building on Individual Fundamentals and Team Play each session will be detailed, time efficient and run at game speed.


This is a serious program that requires a serious commitment form both players and parents. SP8 Ball Training is for the players who want to work hard, get better and improve their skills.




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SP8 Ball Training is dedicated to providing TOP LEVEL TRAINING with TOP LEVEL INSTRUCTION. Over the years we have developed a wealth of knowledge and experience training players of all ages and all levels.


What you'll learn:


  • Elite Level: Conditioning, Speed, Strength, Flexibility and Agility 
  • Razor Sharp "In Game Ball Handling" Skills
  • Multiple Triple Threat Scoring Pockets Options
  • Multiple Pivot Attack Options
  • Getting your shot off against bigger, more athletic defenders 
  • Reading the defense so you know when to finish and when to pass
  • Finishing at the rim powerful and consistently 
  • Developing "dependable hands" to catch tough passes 
  • Forcing turnovers without fouling 
  • Taking a charge AND getting the call 
  • Multiple ways to shake off a pesky defender 
  • Positive habits that you'll carry with you throughout your career 
  • Practicing for maximum improvement 
  • How to work harder on your game than you ever have before 
  • Being a disruptive force on the defensive end of the floor 
  • Developing better body control, footwork and balance 
  • Making plays that spark a run and change the tempo of a game
  • Getting to the free throw line an extra 4-6 times a game
  • Eliminating costly turnovers 
  • And much more....




  • The Gun 8000 by Shoot-A-Way: Is the best basketball shooting machine to date for dramatically improving your ball players shot. This basketball shooting machine will act as an automatic rebounder, instantly rebounding a made or missed shot and giving a direct return pass for another shot. The Gun 8000 has a timing device so you can determine the distance and speed of your return passes thus creating situations where players can develop their shooting skills off the move and with game like intensity. The Gun can fire up to 1800 shots per hour with a computerized scoreboard that counts and displays makes, total shots and shooting percentage. The Gun swivels 180 degrees to deliver full perimeter shooting, fast action shooting keeps players moving, catching, shooting and moving to the next spot.


  • Medicine Ball Training: If you're looking for an edge in ball handling and overall play look no further than The Medicine Ball! By adding a 2lb, 4lb or 6lb medicine ball in one hand and your basketball in the other experience a one of a kind game changing way to train! Simply put the medicine ball is the best basketball tool you can have in your game. This type of training quickly adds hand strength, athleticism and overall physical strength to your game. The medicine ball represents a defender, a defenders hands, and your ability to protect the ball while dribbling. By simulating a defender the medicine ball works on your ability to hold off the defender and be physical with your off-hand. This skill is perhaps the most important skill you can have when dribbling the ball in game situations. Strengthening your fingertips and forearms will allow players to develop a great speed dribble and be able to control the ball more effectively! The medicine ball also acts as a cone that you can pick up take with you and drop off adding resistance. It also acts as a weight vest that when you drop it off assists in adding the needed explosion for separation from defenders! Medicine ball training separates you from the competition using defense, shooting, driving, ball handling and finishing drills to make you a complete player through a great training tool!


  • The Dominator - Complete Post Station: Being a dominate post player is about two things. Footwork and Finishing with Contact. The Dominator is all about teaching those two necessities!  Blockout pads acts as Defender with adjustable resistance from 10 to 300 lbs. Pads adjust to any angle and swivel with shot blocker pads that rotate up or down. Improves strength, footwork, balance, vertical and stamina all in one tool!\


  • Resistance Band Training: Basketball training using resistance bands adds optimal muscle flexibility, mobility, strength and joint range of motion! Resistance bands allow you to generate greater force and increases your peripheral stability which is key to adding "The Pop" to your game needed for generating force quickly with a higher level of intensity. Players will become more explosive during dribble attacks, getting into jump shots and finishing at the basket! Using low levels of resistance we develop momentum as well as neuromuscular timing. Neuromuscular integration and muscle sequencing occurs during this type of training enabling the body to move faster with less effort in the game Variable ascending training resistance develops the ability to accelerate force at faster speeds. Resistance band training adds mobility, flexibility and stability during play. This will increase a player's capability to make dynamic moves during games while protecting their joints and limbs in high intensity situations. Workouts are constantly changing which keeps the body adapting. Results come fast when you’re constantly challenging yourself with performance based movements!