F.O.R.C.E.8 Youth Basketball Training (Boys and Girls ages 5 - 10):

This program is designed for the Beginner to Intermediate Level player. This 8 Week Program will be held on Saturday and Sunday emphasizing the Basic Fundamentals (Dribbling\Shooting\Passing and Defense) needed to develop into a solid well-rounded basketball player! The passion and dedication we provide goes far beyond the reach of most youth\beginner training you'll find and we habitually proved this class after class and practice after practice.


All of our baskets are able to be lowered to 6ft to accommodate youth players at smaller sizes and gradually work them up to 10ft baskets. This helps to eliminate flaws in shooting form caused by players trying to make shots at baskets too high for their current size.


The Youth Program like all of our other SP8 Ball Training Programs is constantly evolving to deliver the best learning and athletic experience we can offer! Learning The Core Fundamentals in any activity or skill is paramount to developing proficiency in that activity or skill.


The list below describes the SP8 Ball Training Youth Basketball Training Core Fundamentals


  • Triple Threat Position
  • Triple Threat Ball Pockets
  • Dribbling out of Triple Threat with Sweep
  • Dribbling out of Triple Threat with Jab Step(s)
  • Dribbling with Right and Left Hand
  • Protecting the dribble with Off Hand 
  • Change of direction dribbling and retreat dribbling 
  • Right and Left Hand layups with proper footwork
  • Chest and Bounce Passing
  • Passing Up Court 
  • Passing to Wings
  • Post Entry Passing
  • Pass Fakes 
  • Form Shooting
  • Triple Threat Shooting
  • Shooting off the Dribble
  • Shooting off the Catch
  • Adding Pump Fake to Shooting
  • Defensive Positioning
  • Defensive Sliding 
  • Overall Conditioning and Athletic Improvement


The list below describes some of the skills that separate our Youth Basketball Training from others:

  • Being tough with the ball and owning your space
  • Passing out of pressure and traps
  • Developing better Body Control, Footwork and Balance
  • Beating Full-Court Pressure and Double Teams
  • Developing Hand\Eye Coordination and Quickness
  • Learning to be a Play-Maker without the ball
  • Understanding Timing and Spacing on the court
  • Finishing powerfully at the rim
  • Slowing down good offensive players
  • Minimizing unnecessary turnovers
  • Responding to mistakes with composure
  • Speaking to your team (or class) with confidence and poise
  • Attacking space in the open court 
  • Using fakes to create advantages 
  • How to show you're coachable through eye contact and posture
  • How to maximize your basketball training
  • How to celebrate the success of your teammates
  • Add much much more....